AR0234 mipi camera for jetson nano

I know that AR0234 is not a jetvariety camera but I want it to use it on jetson nano. This supports v4L2 for RAW frames only. is there a way to receive YUV frames, particularly through V4L? I think this can be done only through onboard camera ISP but I don’t know how. Is there some patch I can create?

hi, @kuk

AR0234 is jetvariety camera, it can run on Jetson platform.

You can refer to the link below to install the driver:

After installation as said by you I am able to play video now using python command from example demo code. But the video I see has a green tinge and it is inverted. Any setting that I need to change?

hi, @kuk

Without ISP processing, color images will appear green. This is normal.

You need to do a post process.

Is there any document available for register settings and post process on AR0234? Could you share any information available on how to control ISP functions like AWB, AE, Flip, Mirror, Gamma, Sharpness, Saturation etc.


Please contact [email protected]
Please let me know if they don’t respond.