AR0234 mipi camera for jetson nano

I know that AR0234 is not a jetvariety camera but I want it to use it on jetson nano. This supports v4L2 for RAW frames only. is there a way to receive YUV frames, particularly through V4L? I think this can be done only through onboard camera ISP but I don’t know how. Is there some patch I can create?

hi, @kuk

AR0234 is jetvariety camera, it can run on Jetson platform.

You can refer to the link below to install the driver:

After installation as said by you I am able to play video now using python command from example demo code. But the video I see has a green tinge and it is inverted. Any setting that I need to change?

hi, @kuk

Without ISP processing, color images will appear green. This is normal.

You need to do a post process.

Is there any plan to support ISP in near future? I am unable to find datasheet with detailed information on register setting. Where can I find one? Register settings in the example code lacks documentation as well.
How to use gstreamer to convert it to h264 format using hardware?