AR0135: How to change exposure time and analog gain?

Hi, im using the Python demo code found here.

I see for the streaming code there are some commented lines that suggest being able to change the gain and exposure time the camera. However when I uncomment them, the code feedback says that those functions do not exist.

How do you change the gain and exposure time of the camera via the Python code?

As an alternative, I’m currently trying to explore the possibility to change the exposure time and gain by rewriting the config file. I saw somewhere that the COARSE_INTEGRATION_TIME is what controls this. But I do not know if this is true.

REG = 0x3012, 0x0040 // COARSE_INTEGRATION_TIME = 64

Has anyone been able to change the gain and exposure time for the AR0135 using the Python code?

thanks in advance,


Could I ask the SKU number of your camera?

Hi Edward, Im not sure which is the sku number, but the info that I have that is written on the circuit boards is

Camera board: AR0135-M
USB Shield: UC-391 Rev D