AR0134 monochrome checkerboard pattern

Hi guys,

I bought an AR0134 module in monochrome configuration. When using the sample application included in the SDK I see a checkerboard pattern in my images though.
The mode is set to “Mono” but the artefacts are still clearly visible.
Does anybody know what can cause this and how I could eliminate the pattern?



It seems the gain value of each channel has not be adjusted to balanced. It your camera black and white or color?

It’s a monochrome one so there should not be multiple channels that can be adjusted, right? Especially with a Mono setting I expect a camera to deliver images that do not show this effect.

Hi, it still has four channels. The difference is that the monochrome one does not have a color filter.

This I don’t understand. How can a monochrome sensor have 4 channels (and even if true then why are they showing up when using a MONO profile)?
The bayer filter in front of a color camera still only causes the raw sensor values to be 12bit without any channel - any channel modifications like gain should be virtual and not have an effect on the actual sensor values.
I am a beginner with this type of cameras but this seems really strange to me.

How can the channels be adjusted with the sample application that comes with the Arducam kit?


Sorry for my late reply. You can try to adjust 0x30B0 the change the mono to the color.

your camera should support mono and color mode, which is determined through the 0x30B0.