AR0134 Mono 12bit 16fps with M12 lens + USB2 shiled GUI control

Trying to test night sky imaging of stars using AR0134 + USB2 shield combo and M12 lens F#2

When running the GUI to capture images using a computer, I am trying to control the gain and exposure time settings. Can someone please confirm that these register addresses and values are correct?

Gain Example:
Address: 0x305E, Value: 90
then write that. When I click “read”, the value changes to 0x5A which is 90 in hex. I should not change 0x5A to 0x90 if I want 90dB gain correct? OR, is 0x90 the 90dB gain?

Exposure Example:
Address: 0x3012, Value: 500
then write that. When I click “read”, it gives the hex value of 500: 0x1F4. Should I change that to 0x500?

The example in the link below is very confusing when trying to answer my questions.