anybody knows how to change frame rate of MT9F002 14MP

I connect my MT9F002 to win10 PC with a USB3.0 port, and run the GUI (x64) as the interface, but the frame rate is just 5 fps as default, is there any way to change? I saw on the product webpage it can be as high as 30fps even 60fps in some circumstances, should I reset the value of some specific RegAddr?



For the maximum resolution, the frame rate cannot be very high due to bandwidth issues, but a small resolution can have a higher frame rate. If you want a small resolution, we can make some modifications for you.

<p style=“text-align: left;”>Thanks! That’s great. What’s the max rate can be achieved? We may need 30 FPS and 60 FPS if it permits.</p>

We can provide [email protected] configuration, is this enough for you?

I think 30 FPS should be good enough for my application. Thank you! By the way, what is the resolution in this frame rate?

I got you, it’s 1080p, just missed the information. Yeah, [email protected] fps is enough for me. Thanks!

Hi @itsme_victoria ,

Our engineers encountered some problems when modifying the configuration of [email protected] Currently I can provide the configuration of [email protected]

Thank you Wong. Can you also help with a config file @30 fps with a lower resolution? So I can compare which one works better for me. Thanks again!

Hi @itsme_victoria ,

Sorry for the late reply, our engineers are currently a bit busy, and it may take some time to modify a new resolution.

Sure, no problem.

Also, will decreasing bit depth can further help improve the frame rate and resolution? For example, if I only need 8 bit instead of 24 bit, can you achieve 30 fps at a relatively high resolution?

Hi @itsme_victoria ,

Unfortunately, we did not successfully configure the resolution you want. We tried a 640x480 resolution but the image quality is very poor. I think this sensor itself has some limitations.

Thanks for letting me know.

Another question is, is it possible to stabilize the frame rate to 20fps with the config file you provided, I fount the rate is going down when I use a longer exposure time.

Hi @itsme_victoria ,

There is a certain relationship between frame rate and exposure.When the exposure time you want is too long, the camera may reduce the frame rate to meet the exposure requirements.