Aducam Multi Camera Adapter V2.2 Does Not Connect Via I2C

I have been trying for a day now to figure out how to get the Multi Camera Adapter to connect to my Pi 4B. I am using a V2.2 board. It is new as is the Pi 4b. All drivers are loaded from GitHub. Followed all instructions. Tried all trouble shooting I could find online. Board is connected properly and all ribbon cables have been checked installed properly and working (check cables with a single camera that was not connected to the adapter board). Any suggestions? I am rather new at this. Thanks in advance.

Test i2c1

Shows a 70 in spot 0 of row 70. That is all.

Adapter board V2.1 configure OK

v4l2 driver install OK

Can’t find video0 device, please check the hardware connection.

I am using the new Pi HQ 12MP cameras in slots A and C.


Little bit of follow up:

When trying the sudo ./ command in the terminal, I get the following on the test i2c1:

Line 10: 1a in the a column

Line 60: 64 in the 4 column

Line 70: 70 in the 0 column.

Still fails to find video0 device.




Don’t worry. I will test it today and reply you as soon as possible.



I know the problem, For the new 12mp sensor, our firmware can’t support the new sensor id. So after detect each channel, it will open the fourth channel (D channel) default. So you should ensure you have connect a sensor to the camera D. You can connect the camera to A and D or C and D.

Let me know if you need more help.