64mp Video Capture

Hi, I want to record 64mp full resolution image using arducam_64mp_camera. When i tried with libcamera-vid then the output video is only 1280x720. How can i Record 64mp video.


There are parameter settings

such like

libcamera-vid --width 9152 --height 6944

You can check more parameters, there are many interesting settings

libcamera-vid --help

When I used this setting. This following error occurred.

ERROR V4L2 v4l2_videodevice.cpp:1248 /dev/video21[15:cap]: Not enough buffers provided by V4L2VideoDevice

I’m using RPi 4 8GB


Have you tried this?

yes I tried, As you can see here

And I got this error.

please let me know, how to solve this problem to capture 64mp Video.


Can you lower your monitor resolution?
Reduce screen resolution to 600x800

another attempt:
“Adding “alloc_in_cma_threshold=16” in /boot/cmdline.txt”
then reboot

Thanks for your response @Edward . The cmdline.txt file already have this line and I’m using Raspberry pi in CLI mode so resolution will not effect I guess. If you want access to SSH then I’m happy to do so.