64MP Quad: How can I get FULL 64MP image from EACH of the 4 cameras?

Getting 4x 64MP images from the Quad is the only reason I bought the Quad Kit, as I am creating a 3D scanning device.

4x 64MP images downscaled and composited into 1x 64MP doesn’t help me, and I could have built an easier solution with 2x pi CM4 and 4x 64MP cams. Please advise. Looking forward to learning more how to really tke advantage of this solution.


I want to second this, this was my exact use as well.

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This problem is explained in detail in the link below.

OK, Maybe I am thinking wrong on this, and forgive me for doing basically no research on this hat , but can it just be used as a camera selector, like pick cam 0 and get a 64MP image, pick cam 1, etc. I guess when I saw it advertised that is what I assumed it did, I didn’t really see anything that said it worked like it does. I did just receive my setup today and haven’t tried it yet. I kind of figured if you wanted a 256MP image you would have to build it from the 4x64MP on your own .


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Question 2 is about how to switch cameras.

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