64MP Hawkeye Cannot Fully Autofocus

I am having a problem where the 64mp Hawkeye camera will not fully autofocus.

It will rapidly move to an incorrect position usually about a dioptre off, even if i have it starting at a lensposition very close to the correct focus.

Note: if I run something like

hello_command = ["libcamera-hello","--analoggain", "1", "--info-text", "'lens %lp' 'shutter %exp' 'analogue gain %ag", "-t", "0","--vflip"       ]

I get a libcamera window that focuses totally correctly.

but if I try to focus with picamera2, i get something like 6.8 when it should be 7.7 and the images all are blurry

you can see more details of the dicussion we had. For a couple hours today I even had it all fully working, but it stopped working after just a computer restart.

a suggestion - look at libcamera-hello source code and set the same camera controls parameters in python that u set with that libcamera-hello command

The solution is @JakeBrowning 's manual fixing of Arducam’s files

cmon arducam, these typos feel very sloppy for products you are selling people :confused: