5MP OV5642 Module /w CS mount Lens - how to connect with RPi ?

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I’m new here so pleas forgive me if the subject appeared somewhere here. I tried to find it unsuccessfully.

OK, I bought the Arducam 5MP OV5642 Camera Module /w CS mount Lens because of its lens allowing to focus on object manually. I want to use it with Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and OctoPrint system to make timelaps during 3d printing.

My problem is that the camera module has 20 pin connector while the RPi uses 15 pin ribbon cable. I bought 50cm long ribbon cable separately. As the toys are not cheap altogether, I don’t want to make mistake, so please, could you give me any advice and share a kind of diagram with me? I know their pinouts, but they are little bit different, so as I wrote, I want to avoid mistake.

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Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

Please attach me your camera’s picture and I will help you ensure your camera’s type.


Hi bin,

Thank yoy for so quick response. :slight_smile:

So, I bought the camera from a Canadian shop (this is the one):


Its pinout is here:


RPi’s pinout is here:


When I realised that is not so easy, I began to look for any solution and then I found USB shield/adapter from the Arducam:


but its price (together with camera and deliveries costs) is unacceptable for me, it’s simply too expensive.

As I mentioned, I bought the camera in Canadian shop, so quickly sent them message to cancel the purchase before they ship the camera, but it was too late - the camera was already marked as ready to ship. One lady from customer’s support advised to refuse the parcel, as it’s cheapest way to sending it back. In the meantime you offered your support, so the issue became quite urgent. :slight_smile:

Finaly, is there any way to connect the camera to my RPi without the USB shield (much more expensive then the camera!), or not?

Many thanks in advance.



The sensor you have bought is OV5642 with DVP interface. It can’t connect to the RPI directly, you should used it with our Arducam useb shield board with DVP interface.

As you have said, you can get it from https://www.robotshop.com/uk/arducam-usb-camera-shield.html

If you want to connect to the rpi directly, you should buy our camera with mipi interface.





The camera you have bought is ov5642 with DVP interface, which can’t connect to RPI directly.

If you want to connect the camera to the RPI directly, you should choose our MIPI camera.