5 Mp SPI camera ( cannot see anything in ArduCAM_Host_V2)

Diego :

I am writing you because I bought your “Arducam Mini Module Camera Shield w / 5 MP OV5642 for Arduino UNO Mega2560 board” but I can’t get it to work.

I read your guides but when I open the “ArduCAM_Host_V2” application I don’t see anything. When I click on “Connect” only “COM is open” appears. The version selected is 5642. In the memorysaver file I don’t comment only the line “#define OV5642_MINI_5MP” and in Arduino I tried to load all the examples. I wanted to try streaming. What can I do? For what reason? Thank you

Arducam support team :

Do you have some pictures of the MINI 5MP Camera so we can check which version on your hands?
We would like you to know that we have updated MINI 5MP to MINI 5MP Plus about 1 year ago.
Could you please do not comment “#define OV5642_MINI_5MP PLUS” and have a try?


thanks for the support. this is the tutorial I followed : https://www.arducam.com/knowledge-base/mini-tutorial/

I buy also mini module camera shield but …i have 1000 errors… next step is use it…

I installed libraries as you tell me.
On all file examples i change.

const int CS = 10; because, i try with pin 10 (i also try to use pin 7 CS with cables)
My memorysaver file is:


//Only when using raspberry,enable it
//#define RASPBERRY_PI

//There are two steps you need to modify in this file before normal compilation
//Only ArduCAM Shield series platform need to select camera module, ArduCAM-Mini series platform doesn’t

//Step 1: select the hardware platform, only one at a time
//#define OV2640_MINI_2MP
//#define OV3640_MINI_3MP
#define OV5642_MINI_5MP
//#define OV2640_MINI_2MP_PLUS
//#define OV5642_MINI_5MP_PLUS
//#define OV5640_MINI_5MP_PLUS


//Step 2: Select one of the camera module, only one at a time
#if (defined(ARDUCAM_SHIELD_REVC) || defined(ARDUCAM_SHIELD_V2))
//#define OV7660_CAM
//#define OV7725_CAM
//#define OV7670_CAM
//#define OV7675_CAM
//#define OV2640_CAM
//#define OV3640_CAM
//#define OV5642_CAM
//#define OV5640_CAM
//#define MT9D111A_CAM
//#define MT9D111B_CAM
//#define MT9M112_CAM
//#define MT9V111_CAM
//#define MT9M001_CAM
//#define MT9V034_CAM
//#define MT9M034_CAM
//#define MT9T112_CAM
//#define MT9D112_CAM


I attach it…
I tried to change configurations … but nothing.
I send you photo when try test streaming. I tried to change app config… but cam is always black and don’t take photo or video.
Thanks very much for your help


You can download it from this link https://github.com/ArduCAM/Arduino for the latest library file to replace the original library files, and uncomment # define OV5642_MINI_5MP_PLUS in memorysaver.h.

Then try the ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_Plus_Video_Streaming example.If it still doesn’t work, please reply again.