360° configuration with four IMX219 cameras and two USB 3.0 Camera Shields

Hi, I want to configure 4 8MP IMX219 cameras (UC-350 Rev.D) to get a 360 view. Unfortunately I have no information where the cameras were purchased. For this I am using two USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus modules (UC-593 Rev. C). The USB are connected to a Jetson Orin. The problem I have is that I can’t get the four cameras to work simultaneously, as shown in the picture.

The configuration file I am using is the following: ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield/Config/USB3.0_UC-593 Rev.C/MIPI/IMX219/stereo/1920x1080/RAW10_8b/IMX219_2Lane_1920x1080_RAW10_8b_BA.cfg at master · ArduCAM/ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield · GitHub .

And I am using the C++ Demo available in this link: GitHub - ArduCAM/ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield_Cpp_Demo

Is it possible to do what I want?


I’ll be testing mine with the same equipment as yours. Please wait


You need to use the following command

sudo sh -c 'echo 32 > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/usbfs_memory_mb'
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