108mpix camera dont work in full resolution in python

with the 12000X9000 arducam cfg cause a error : USB_CAMERA_SIZE_EXCEED_ERROR
not with the 4000x3000 arducam cfg.

can you help me ?


Kindly elucidate the precise processes to which you are referring, along with the steps you have undertaken. I implore you to furnish as comprehensive a description as possible, if it is within your means.

i use an arducam 108mpix usb3 EK030 on windows11

the camera works correctly on the gui sofware whith the two cfg files (4000x3000 px and the 12000x9000px)

i have developped a sofware in python with this camera.

i use python 3.8.

a have used the : ArduCAM_USB_Camera_Shield_Python_Demo-main on github

the library can’t open the camera with the 12000x9000px cfg file, but work normally with the 4000x3000 px cfg file.

the console output : USB_CAMERA_SIZE_EXCEED_ERROR

i dont understant how the python library don’t work, also the gui work.

the example : ArduCam_Demo dont work also.


This problem is because the sdk is too old.
Please first check if there is a file ending with so in the current directory. If there is, delete it.
If not, you could update the sdk with the command

python3 -m pip install ArducamSDK --upgrade

Now, the SDK works normally, thank you.

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