Zoom-in/out MIPI Camera


I would like to know, if there is an option to zoom in/out screen during preview mode?

I am asking because I am using Rpi4 with small 10"(1280x800) screen and it is quite hard to adjust camera parameters like focus precisely.

I was trying to achieve that by adding line in focus_controller.py example but I get no results. I am trying to avoid using cv2 for this task.

camera.set_control(v4l2.V4L2_CID_ZOOM_ABSOLUTE, 0)

Is there any chance that there is a parameter I could control to zoom in/out? I do not care about full field of view. I am mainly interested in the middle of image during focusing.




It seems that there is little chance that you can control the zoom with a parameter, and the line you’ve posted requires the camera to literally support the zoom feature. To achieve that, you may have to use OpenCV to build your own program.