Will ToF recieve support for rpi 5 on Bookworm?

We have a ToF camera from Arducam and have been using it on RPi4. But for a new project, we plan to use it on RPi5, so will this be supported on the RPi5? And if yes, when can we expect it?

Due to the the hardware difference between Pi 4 and Pi 5, it will take time to make compatibility on Pi 5 for Tof camera.
For now, I can not give an accurate time when we can release the support for working TOf camera on Pi 5.

Any update on a time frame for this? A rough estimate would be appreciated. Are we talking 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months?

According to our development task list, the support for tof cameras on Pi 5 probably in the second half of the year, conservatively.