What's the function of I2C on Arducam 1MP*4 Quadrascopic Camera Bundle Kit (B0331)

Hi there, sorry for bother again
I found the B0331 works well without connect the I2C, so is the I2C port function of this board? If yes, what’s the function of it?

You are welcome. As normal, the i2c on camarray board is used to switch each camera channel. For the 1MP*4 Camera Bundle, you just don’t care that. The i2c slave address is 0x24(7bit), As normal, if you don’t write any data to this address. It can’t influence your camera. Would you like to attach me your hardware connection? I can help you check it in detail.

Hi @lvbin
Thanks! I connect a type-c to power the HAT and MIPI for data transmission. I am planning to use it on a carrier board that does not has I2C and I don’t need to change the camera channel.
It looks like not connecting the I2C is good for me.