What would I need to create a 3D Bird's Eye Camera system for vehicle usage using 4x cameras?

I am new here and I am not a programmer, but I am trying to custom install a bird’s eye view / 3d / backup / security camera system for a vehicle I am restoring. I don’t know much about Arducam but my searches have lead me to this platform and I am hoping someone might understand what I am trying to achieve and would be willing to provide a little guidance and aim me in the right direction.

The reason I want to do a custom version instead of one of the existing kits is because all of the existing kits are very low in quality because of the super cheap cameras they use. So I want to make my own version with higher quality cameras and also add in DVR capabilities.

I know there is no way I could possibly write the code from scratch to handle stitching together 4 camera feeds and inserting a graphical vehicle overlay. But I am wondering if there might be any similar or related open source projects like this that already exist that I could maybe use as a starting point for the code? Thanks.

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