What is the compatible Xavier NX Carrier board for UC-512 (Synchronized Quad-Camera Kit IMX-519)

My goal is to buy a carrier board for Xavier NX. The issue is the lack of information. I am not sure whether UC-512 can work with any reference carrier board.

Do ArduCam have known list of working carrier board for Xavier NX and UC-512?


For Xavier NX, we currently support 100%, only the official development kit.
Regarding all third-party carrier boards, we cannot guarantee whether they can be used.

Does ArduCam has no supported third party carrier board for industrial use?


Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean, can you explain in more detail?

Our open drivers are only adapted to official packages.

This is to tell users that our camera has the ability to be used on this platform, and let users develop by themselves.

We only guarantee to run on the official kit because the number of third-party carrier boards is too large, we can’t test and adapt them one by one, this work is huge.

Customization is available if you want us to help you with support on third-party carrier boards.