What camera to buy for scanning 35mm film in RAW

I recently acquired a bunch of family photos on 35mm diapositive film, and I want to scan them in the best possible quality. Commercial film scanners cost thousands of dollars, and consumer ones deliver mediocre quality, sometimes not even lossless images.

I currently have a RPi 2 and a RPi Zero W, but I’m also open to working with a USB device.

My primary concerns are:

  • RAW scanning
  • Good image color
  • High resolution (>=12MP)
  • Focus at close distance to utilize entire sensor (optics)

Not of concern is:

  • Low light performance (will be using bright backlight)
  • Frame rate / shutter speed (same reason as above)
  • Autofocus (will focus manually on the film, focus won’t change)

I read that the RPi HQ camera shoots better looking colors, but that it tends to oversharpen. I don’t know if these factors affect RAW capture at all, as the images are processed anyway.

I would appreciate it if someone could give me some suggestions for a camera.