Well synchronized dual camera system

I want to create a high quality dual camera setup which then I want to stream to VR gogles. The important part is to have it perfectly synchronized. I was going to use your Stereo Camera HAT, however it is hardly available in my country and one of the shop that is selling it told me that there are some problems if the module is used with two separate cameras (I need to have them separated because I want the spacing between them to be adjustable). Afterwards I watched the video of quad camera setup using the Compute Module and it made me wonder could I use it without the HAT module? Can two cameras in different MIPI ports be well synchronized? I also need the system to have as low latency as possible and maybe without the HAT in between cameras and Raspberry the latency would be better?
Secondly, what cameras would you suggest to be used in such system? Initially I’d like to have at least 1080p at 60 fps and 110-120 angle (I’m afraid that higher resolution would be to much data for constant streaming). I’m probably going for the B0180 IMX219 Wide Angle Camera Module (is there a full module of a camera like this or only a replacement for a standard RPi Camera Board?)

Thanks for any suggestions


Thanks for your interested in Arducam multi-camera-synchronized system.

For the synchronized dual camera system, it just supports two cameras synchronized.

Arducam is developing quad-camera system and it is expected in two to three week.