Webcam/security cam app for new Arducams and Bullseye

I have ordered 3 of the new Arducam Raspberry Pi cameras, IMX 519, IMX462, and the 64MP Autofocus Camera. I have have received and tested the IMX 519 . I have been looking for webcam app that works with these cameras. I understand that they work best with Bullseye OS and that is OK in principal.
If currently have 5 Pi’s using the original Pi camera, Buster OS, and Pikrellcam as the app. Pikrellcam is nearly ideal for my usage but it no longer updated and I doubt it will ever be re-written to use libcamera.
I briefly tired python program rpi-object-detection, after installing pivariety. I immediately got errors about missing opencv modules. My sense was that it would be rather involved to chase down and fix these errors.
So, my question, Is there an existing webcam app that works right now? At a minimum it would include motion detection and IP streaming.

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