Video capturing code for 1MP*4 Quadrascopic Camera Bundle Kit

1.Which seller did you purchase the product(s) from?
2.The Model number of the product(s) you have purchased?
SKU B0267
3.Which Platform are you using the product(s) on?
Raspberry Pi 3B+
4.Which instruction are you following?
5.Has your product ever worked properly?
It’s working as per the instructions.
6.What problems are you experiencing?
I have followed all the examples shown in the quick start guide (no problem seeing live video feed), however, I am having a hard time capturing and saving videos. Any tips or pointers on where I should look into video capturing and saving would be greatly appreciated.
7.What attempts at troubleshooting have you already made?
Tried using “ffmpeg -f v4l2 -r 30 -i /dev/video0 out.avi” but fps is ridiculously low (0.9 fps)
8.How would you like us to help you?
Provide a line of code that can save the feed as video or just a general pointer on where I should look more into would be great