UVC Camera Adapter Board V4l2 Controls


I have a B0278 UVC - USB adapter board for raspberry Pi high quality cameras, and I cant get any camera settings to apply through the v4l2 controls. By camera settings I mean things such as exposure, brightness, white balance etc. I have tried this both on a jetson xavier nx (jetpack 4.6), and in ubuntu 20.04 running on a laptop.

The v4l2-ctl command line tool will report that these controls are present, and set properly (set both through the command line tool and opencv), but there is no effect on the image from the camera.

My main question is are these controls actually supposed to be supported by these adapter boards?

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I have the same problem. Did you manage to solve it?

Nope :frowning:

No reply from arducam either, we are just switching to cameras from econ-systems

There was a thread somewhere about the standards being updated and the driver not being updated to match, couldn’t find anything beyond that.


I’m having the same issue. The v4l doesn’t appear to show any control options.

I believe whatever the issue is that it’s something to do with either the USB Hub or the linux kernel version. I plugged my arducam into a RPi4 (CM4) and it worked right away with the control parameters.

The other possible issue I could see would be multiple cameras causing issues. My desktop linux has another webcam from the laptop, perhaps the uvc driver(s) have issues mapping two drivers?

So you got the raspberry pi hq camera running through the arducam adapter board with the controls working on a cm4? What kind of breakout board were you using for the cm4?

I’m not sure about it being a multiple camera issue as my original tests on the jetson were single camera.

I’m currently away from my gear for two weeks or so, but if you’ve actually got the controls working on a cm4 maybe it isn’t a lost hope afterall.

Hello, I have also this issue, but it have to be caused by some modification of this USB adapter.
I bought one Raspberry HQ camera and this B0278 shield in a begining of the last year and it process UVC commands very well. I tested it in custom OpenCV application and AMCap in Win10.
I bought exactly the same set a few days ago and it does not apply any image setting I send into it. Does anyone know whether it is possible to update (or downdate :slight_smile: ) firmware of B0278?