Using different types of cameras at once

I would like to combine several camera products into a multi-camera sensor array for gathering video feeds. I would like to have the minimal hardware necessary to run this. Specifically, I would like to combine into a single Raspberry:

  • A low res stereo camera setup, preferably in color.
  • A distance camera setup, assuming ToF camera
  • a high res camera presumable the 64 MP camera

I would prefer to have identical frame rates for simplicity and I only care about video.

I cannot find any resources from the ArduCam site or forums about how to approach this… does anyone know of some helpful resources? Has anyone done things like this before?



look like you want the camera below:

But now 64mp is not available.
If you really need 64mp, you can also customize it.

It is pretty cool that I can get a single device that has multiple cameras all working together. Thanks for the link!!

But I would like to have a single raspberry pi device running several cameras in an arrangement that I dictate. I want to make my own “video sensor” that works in the manner that I dictate.

So I ask again: Are there any resources for putting multiple different types of ArduCam cameras on a single mini-computer platform (presumably raspberry pi)??


We do not currently have such a product.
It’s possible though, the mipi protocol supports doing that, if you’re interested in developing it yourself.