Using Channel B in USB 3.0 Camera


I have USB 3.0 O5647 Camera. Currently It is working fine with the python code as I am using Channel A right now. Now I want to use Channel B. But I didn’t find any useful information about how to use channel B.

In cfg file where I have to make changes in order to use Channel B.

Please help me with this.


Please check datasheet(for your shield model, this will be an example) USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus Datasheet - Arducam you need small update int config file.

0x29	read-write	bit[7],In binocular synthesis mode, the images are exchanged left and right.
                                        0:No exchange.   1:Exchange.

                                       bit[1:0]: MIPI channel selection
                                       0:MIPI Channel A   
                                       1:MIPI Channel B 
                                       2:Two Channel Synthesis(Double column resolution)