Use USB3 Camera Shield UC-593C with ar0234

Hi, can i use USB3 Camera Shield UC-593C with ar0234?

hi, @vsw

No problem, you can use USB3 Camera Shield UC-593C with ar0234.

You can find related configuration issues in the links below:

Good news, but how i can use it?

I connected USB3 board portA to MIPI ar0234.
What next? What for cfg files?
Please help.

hi, @vsw

For usage issues, you can browse the documentation at the link below.

The documentation details how to install the driver and use the software program to run the camera.

Here is my setup:

Have connected MIPI ar0234 port to USB3 shield port A.
But cfg folder has ar0234 DVP only. I tried apply it but nothing.

What port and cfg i should use?

hi, @vsw

We will help you generate a configuration file for the AR0234 MIPI version.

Thank you. Will wait.