Usb3.0 cfg error

I received this error while trying to stream using the camera.

('color mode' , 0)
('open fail,rtn_val = ', 65361)

What does this error mean?



Thank you for letting me know

I am using the Arducam 108MP camera on Jetson nano.
I succeeded in printing a 4000x3000 size image using the cfg file in the official git, but if I try a 12000x9000 size cfg, the above error appears.

Does this mean that the maximum resolution of the Arducam 108MP camera is not available on Jetson Nano?


Which jetson series are you using?

I am using NVIDIA Jetson Nano Development Kit-B01.


Because the amount of data in 108MP is too large for the Jetson Nano to handle.

After my testing, you can use it without processing data.This is caused by the lack of performance of the jetson nano.The cpu is occupied too high.

Please comment the following code

Screenshot of my test.

Thanks to your help, I was able to solve the problem.
I was loading the image using a different file and succeeded in loading the image at once using the file you linked.
I am very grateful for your help.


You’re welcome.