Unable to generate images on IMX298 and V2.2 Multi Camera Adapter


I am new to using the Raspberry Pi, and currently have a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB. As with a previous post “Can not get images with IMX298 and V2.2 adapter”, I recently used IMX298 (B0174) and decided to utilise a second instance, choosing the V2.2 adapter as my means to interface both cameras with the RPi.

I have been unsuccessful in getting the useful Multi Camera Adapter Demo to function with my x2 instances of IMX298 connected to the V2.2 adapter. I have tried connecting both cameras to several positions on the V2.2 Adapter: Cam A + C, B + D, A + D, and C + D. Each of the positions returned the same “Can’t find video0 device…” message, with only Cam A + D returning anything more than 70 in the displayed table (picture attached). I have also tested both instances of camera individually on the RPi and confirmed both instances work individually with concerned ribbon cables. Also sanity-checked several times was the orientation of the ribbon cables inserted correctly into the V2.2 Adapter.

I have a few pics of my setup and Terminal messages but can only attach 1 image in this post at the moment. Terminal messages seen after following the GitHub instructions:

I have 2 questions today:

  1. Is there any existing demo that will allow me to test and demonstrate functionality of both instances of my IMX298 modules?
  2. Is there any specific Hardware/ Software configuration I should be preparing that is potentially being missed?

Any other comments and advise is more than welcome!!

Image of my Hardware setup producing the above output.

The RaspberryPi library file you are using is only applicable to the official Raspberry Pi camera. If you use our camera, you can refer to the following link: https://github.com/ArduCAM/MIPI_Camera


Thank you for your response. I’ve followed the instructions on your link as per below and am receiving “init camera status = 4100”. Attached is a photo of my terminal output.