Tinker board 2s supported high resolution camera (64MP)


I am working on one project based on object detection. Due to a supply shortage of raspberry pi, I’m using Tinker Board 2s with 4GB ram and I want to use an Arducam 64MP camera but it didn’t support tinker board 2s. So please suggest to me if any changes are required in updating the kernel and guide me for that.

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Is this hardware using an official image. If using the official image, you can try the latest kernel 6.1.19, which already includes drivers and device trees.


Thanks for your suggestion but I have doubts about the os. If I install Tinker Board 2S Debian 10 V2.0.14 then it is required to update the kernel? If yes then how do I update the latest kernel 6.1.19?


You need to use Debian 11 verison.
If you are using the official image, you can update the kernel with the following command:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

You are using 64mp, if you use it, you also need to install our libcamera.


I search on the tinker board website, but there is not have Debian 11 version. So it is ok to use Debian10 with the latest kernel?


I have not used their boards and images.

But we currently do not support Debian10 in the official image.
From Debian10 to Debian11, the image acquisition framework has changed. There may be some long-term things that can make the camera run, but they are no longer supported.