Time of Flight Camera Example

I am using ArduCam Time of Flight Camera and tried running an example code.
It’s showing an error No module Named ‘ArduCamDepthCamera’
I have installed all dependencies, but when i run the example code in thonny it is not find the said module

Please run the command below and post the screenshot of the terminal.

pip3 list | grep ArduCamDepthCamera

It was sorted out, Its showing ArduCamDepthCamera 0.0.7
i am facing issue with 3D point cloud
I have attached the screenshot. The point cloud reconstruction is not accurate according to the ToF image beside. please suggest what needs to be done to get accurate 3D point cloud data.

Please pull the latest code from GitHub. We have solved this problem with the latest release.

Thanks for the update.
One more clarification,

Can this point-cloud data be uploaded to unity3D or any other 3D cad modelling software to render a 3D model out of this? Please suggest

Also i am not getting distance value while running depth code.
is coming, please see the image

Even after update, i am unable to get the right point cloud, i am attaching the screenshot of the terminal. Please check and suggest what can be done further

VIDIOC_S_CTRL: Inappropriate ioctl for device

May you contact the [email protected] for further help? Besides, please post this link in the email.

Can you please provide support/ suggestions to get the right 3D point cloud using the ToF sensor?


I have tried both Python examples and the screens stay empty - see attached images.

Any suggestions?


May you provide a picture of the hardware connection>?
At the same time, please run the command below:
lsmod arducam
Post the screenshot of the terminal here.