the image cupatured by MT9F001 is not clear enough

We recently bought the MT9F001 with and Rev.D USB2.0 UC-391. With the Arducam SDK we managed to take pictures via the Raspberry Pi.
Now if we compare the image from the Arducam camera with the one taken from a Basler camera, we see there are a lot of White Balance problems on the Arducam.

See attachments: Dark image is taken with Arducam (image22.jpg), Clear image is taken with Basler.



We are using the recommended config file from the Arducam Github. Are we doing anything wrong? Can we manually change the White Balance settings? We have no experience with changing these kind of config files. Also, if we want to change it manually, is there any documentation for this (beginners)?

Also we have a second problem.
Sometimes we have this error:
('Error capture image, rtn_val = ', 65316L)
Any idea where this comes from? The USB2 is connected correctly on the root USB hub from the RPi and there are no other devices connected.