Telecentric Lenses

Hello everybody, (object-space) telecentric lenses are used where high precision is required, as example in machine vision for industrial use or for metrology and other science, analysis and other research areas. They produce an orthographic projection and this could probably be used in many different and creative ways, i even came across RaspberryPi or Arduino Cameras, would be very interesting to see orthographic photography as well wouldnt it? Anyways, i hope i can gather some support to realize this, i already wrote to Arducam in privat but didnt got an answer yet. Would like to hear what others say to this. I for myself need one as soon as possible in the next days/weeks if possible. Thanks for hearing my idea out! :slight_smile:


We didn’t receive you private email yet, which email address are you sending to?

BTW: we are not sure what do you want to do about orthographic photography, can you show us more information?