Stereo Vision HAT + 2 Auto Focus Cameras


I would like to implement a stereo vision tool with low working distance, having camera focus equal about 4-5 centimeters.

In order to achieve this working distance, I bought the 5MP Arducam Auto Focus Camera (SKU: B0176) and through the motorized focus I’m now able to see correctly at required working distance.
In order to implement the stereo vision, I bought the Stereo Vision HAT equipped with the OV5647 Stereo Camera Board, which has instead a working distance above 1 meter.

In the documentation (url: I found the possibility to replace the native Stereo Camera Board with two cameras, by removing the the resistor and crypto IC. However, I noticed that the board of the Auto Focus Camera is not the declared 5MP V1.3, since it has also the electronics components which ensure the focus motorization.
So, I would like to know if it is possible use the combination of the Stereo Vision HAT + 2 Auto Focus Cameras, and how I have to modify the circuit to ensure the clock sharing and so the synchronization.

I tried to search for the electric scheme of the Auto Focus Camera board (named UC-420 rev. C on the serigraphy), but I was not able to find anything.

Is it possible what I try to achieve? How should I proceed?

Best regards,

Maria Chiara Bello


It works in principle. But welding is difficult. You should remove one board’s crystal oscillator.

For the other board, our crystal oscillator signal is not easy to operate under.

You need to scrape a little of the green oil off the perimeter to expose the signal for welding


Let me know if you need more help.




The green oil I said is solder mask.