Stereo Hat image Problems

While trying to run through the depth mapping documentation for the Stereo Hat, all my images from the sample codes turn out green and dark… Only one of the camera modes (#9) also appear -to be working out of all the potential modes(#7-#12). How can I fix this please?


What’s the type of the sensor ? I am working on tuning the quality of the image. Due to without the ISP, the image seems is not good.


I am using the Arducam 8MP stereo camera board. It appears that the code I was using did not enable the camera’s auto white balance or auto exposure, this has fixed my color issues. I still cannot use modes other than number 9 for my proposed modes however. All other modes give me a Null pointer error…

Today I will test it and reply you as soon as possible.


I have updated our library. Please download the new lib and make install .


This appears to have fixed all my null pointer errors on startup for modes 8-12, but 7 still appears to not be working. I also am encountering a weird issue with my videos after running the code for ~30 seconds where one of the two cameras will display a very pink and grainy image, this happens before a null pointer access error is returned…


Please attach me a video demo and I will help you check it.

Which library was updated? I seem to be having the same problems/



You seem to be referring to this library:

Having the same problems, except every mode is printing out Null pointer access and not turning the camera on


Sorry to hear that. Don’t worry and I will try my best to help you.

In order to check if the library is normal, I advise you our arducamstill test demo to check it firstly.

You can get the new code using git clone command. We have a detail operation steps here

Please follow the user guide and let me know your result of each steps.



I’ve tried to check the library as you said, but the arducamstill command give me only this:

[email protected]:~ $ cd MIPI_Camera/RPI/
[email protected]:~/MIPI_Camera/RPI $ ./arducamstill -?
Open camera…
Hardware platform: c03111
init camera status = 4100
[email protected]:~/MIPI_Camera/RPI $

It doesn’t let me even choose the mode.


Thanks for your detail message. Those means the system does not detect the camera module.

In many cases, the camera’s i2c interface is not connected properly which will cause the system does not detected the sensor ID. Please check the ribbon cable firstly or change another ribbon cable to ensure the ribbon cable is normal.