Stereo HAT 1MP - Run with python?


we have the Camarray HAT (UC-512) and the two cameras connected (UC-788 RevB) (it’s this one: 1MP*2 OV9281 Global Shutter Monochrome Stereoscopic Camera Bundle Kit for Nvidia Jetson Nano/Xavier NX - Arducam) . I successfully connected them to my RasberryPi and am able to show their video stream in VLC. Now I would like to run them with python, as I have successfully done so in the past with other arducams. But I cannot find the corresponding config file for it. Which one should I use?

Thanks and best regards

Sorry, I can’t understand why do you need config file. Can you describe your work environment in detail. I want to konw your hardware connection and the demo you are using.

Indeed, with Raspberry Pi it is possible to run the setup without a config file. That’s cool. We would like to use the Stereo HAT with windows in the next step. I created another thread for this here: Connect StereoArray 1MP to PC and I think you can close this thread.