Stereo Camera vs Quad-Camera

I am trying to decide whether to buy one of the several Quad-Camera kits or the 2MP Stereo Camera Kit.

My use case is stereo 3D photos, so the fact that the 2D stereo kit comes already mounted and stabilized has some advantage in its out-of-the-box usefulness.

But having 4 cameras instead of 2, with much greater resolution, and color seems like a much better deal.

Also the stereo camera casing is advertised throughout the marketing materials… and appears available until you actually go to buy it, when it is revealed that the product is discontinued.

Assuming I am capable of correctly mounting the 4-cam kits in order to produce two stereo video pairs: Is there any reason at all to buy the stereo kit?


Since I’m not a sales person, I solve some technical problems in the forum, so I know very little about the business of selling cameras. I also can’t give professional opinions on your purchasing needs. If you are interested in our camera, you can consult our pre-sale email ([email protected])

Very well. If I have a question about what to buy I will reach out to your sales email.

Could you please address the underlying technical question?

Can the quad-cam be used to take stereo video that is equivalent to the stereo product?


We haven’t tried it with this camera.
But in theory this is possible, but without any software support.