Stereo Camera Hat AE and AWB problem


We’ve bought the arducam stereo hat and we are trying to use it outside. We’ve followed your guide to setup everything up.

Unfortunately, we are facing a problem were auto white balance and auto exposure are not doing their job correctly…


  • Raspberry pi 4
  • Rasbian buster
  • The two standard 8MP pixels cameras that are provided with the kit
  • Sdk installed and used (with python wrapper)
We know auto exposure and auto white balance are working as we see them correcting the images, but they are not good enough to be used. As I said before, we want to use them outside so we need good automatic corrections, we can't rely on manual corrections..

This is what we get :

Is there a way to get better results ? Software way ? Changing the cameras maybe ?

It seems results are better when capturing images with raspistill, is it possible ? Testing is not straightforward as dual camera mode is not working with it (can you confirm that ?).



Yes, the official raspistill tool does not support double cameras with full resolution. Only half of the image can be taken for splicing output.

About our MIPI_Camera SDK, due to we don’t have rpi’s ISP support, image quality is not too good. Now only by manual fine-tuning to achieve a better effect. Arducam technology team are working on isp, which is not a easy thing and need a long time.

At present, The best way is to using arducamstill to fine the quality manually.




What is the ETA for ISP support in the MIPI_Camera SDK? The images are very low quality and unusable as is for my application.

Is there a possibility of using raspistill to get good settings and then use these settings with the MIPI_Camera SDK?

BTW, you need a prominent link to the SDK documentation. Or did I miss it somewhere?


What do you mean by ETA? Since there is no hardware ISP, the image quality is not good and needs post-processing