Sony IMX219 1080p higher crop vs 720p

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?
    Amazon via the Arducam Store
  2. Model number of the product(s).
  3. What hardware/platform were you working on?
    Package: nvidia-jetpack
    Version: 4.6-b199
    Architecture: arm64
  4. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
  5. Problems you were having.
    I’m surprised to find the crop factor of an image or video taken at 1080p is higher than the crop factor at 720p. In other words the image taken at width=1280 has a wider field of view than an image taken at width=1920. I would expect an image taken at a higher resolution to have a lower crop factor than an image with a lower resolution.
gst-launch-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc sensor-id=0 num-buffers=1 ! "video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), format=(string)NV12, width=(int)1920, height=(int)1080" ! nvvidconv ! pngenc ! filesink location=test1080.png
gst-launch-1.0 nvarguscamerasrc sensor-id=0 num-buffers=1 ! "video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), format=(string)NV12, width=(int)1280, height=(int)720" ! nvvidconv ! pngenc ! filesink location=test720.png

Please explain why image test720.png in this example as a wider horizontal field of view than test1080.png.

Here are the reference images
test720.png at width=(int)1280, height=(int)720

test1080.png at width=(int)1920, height=(int)1080

Notice test1080.png is much more zoomed in than 720p. Please advise why this is the case. Thank you

Check this:

Thanks @wong that corrected the red tint. Any explanation for my question?

1280x720 uses binning mode, and 1920x1080 is not binning mode (because 1920 times 2 is larger than the maximum resolution)