Software, operating system confusion: from a programmer with only 25 years of experience

  1. Where did you get the camera module(s)?
    Adafruit - fair price, swift ship - genuine business, certified real.
  2. What hardware/platform were you working on?
    Raspberry PI HQ camera, IMX477, Raspberry PI 3, connected via wired ethernet to my personal data-center, with actual real desktop workstation and NOT using an ant-sized (circa 2009) 5" touchscreen from on the back of it.
  3. Instructions you have followed. (link/manual/etc.)
    20+ days with hours of ardu-cam website, rasperry-pi website, and youTube tutorials.
  4. Problems you were having?
    Confused and disoriented myself - but the actual hardware and software works as explained by the content I have read.
  5. The dmesg log from your hardware?
    ardu-cam would have to increase their server raid-array storage capacity for me to upload all the logs I have.
  6. Troubleshooting attempts you’ve made?
    I call it SPORT, but if you insist… I will answer this with “ALL”
  7. What help do you need?

I am confused. As of 2023 now, Ardu-cam, Raspberry, Sony IMX are 3+ years old so far. I have my experiment hardware for 2,3 weeks now scanning for more information. Maybe my abilities are failing in my age. I’ll ask the obvious:

If anyone has produced a GUI for the Raspberry-pi libcamera command line, I have not found it yet - and do not understand why of all the thousands of people involved, nobody has made one yet. Seems like it would be maybe the 3rd or 4th thing to make after getting it to work - but it’s just me. I want a dialog, all the command-line options, probably like any professional photographer would want.

I peek into things to discover hardware-hal specific to Raspberry 2-lane bus, which explains why I can’t just put a PCI-E riser in any machine I own, attach camera sensor to 4,8, or 16 lane bus, use existing code to interface with (4) 32-core processors @ 3.2ghz, stacked with NVIDIA GPU cards, to feed out about 1000+ frames a second raw 4k raw image sequence to vram memory array dumping local solid-state raid array. Ditching that idea, I use the Raspberry Pi 3 to interface the sensor module, and feed off that bottle-neck.

Is there just NOT an existing open-source GUI project for the libcamera command-line library? Ideally, I rather just UDP socket (or any ethernet protocol) commands from a remote GUI. If feeding text-lines through a telnet socket gets the task done without me spending 3 months of raspberry kernal specific HAL study, I can settle for that


The current official example

picamera2 is still in beta version.

Making a complete GUI project is a lot of work. Perhaps you can go to the Raspberry Pi forum and ask if they have plans for this.

Thank you for reply. I can see now I am probably in the wrong forum.

I’m experienced with making a GUI in windows, with Visual Studio. Just need to interface a socket to the Raspberry trigger and pull data from that. About the only thing I need the Raspberry to do, is output realtime preview to the HDMI-out. If I can do that on a lite version of the operating system. Ideally headless.