Soft WDT reset

I have an OV5642 Mini 5 MP Plus with the Arduino Uno 8622 Shield.

Looking to use it in low loght modes, So after runing with the following registers:

myCAM.write_reg(0x3011 ,0x08);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3012 ,0x00);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3010 ,0x10);
myCAM.write_reg(0x460c ,0x22);
myCAM.write_reg(0x380c ,0x0c);
myCAM.write_reg(0x380d ,0x80);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a00 ,0x7c);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a08 ,0x09);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a09 ,0x60);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a0a ,0x07);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a0b ,0xd0);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a0d ,0x08);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a0e ,0x06);
myCAM.write_reg(0x3a03 ,0xfa);

Per the module documentation

I started having the following soft reset when traying to capture the camera:

Soft WDT reset

ctx: cont
sp: 3fff33f0 end: 3fff3730 offset: 01b0

3fff35a0: 00000084 3fff1bcc 3fff2558 4020b53d
3fff35b0: 00000041 3fff1bcc 3fff2558 4020b5ec
3fff35c0: 3fff1bd8 00000001 00000008 4020b614
3fff35d0: 3ffeadd6 3fff3630 3fff3630 4020b630
3fff35e0: 3fff1bd8 00000001 3fff1bcc 4020832b
3fff35f0: 3ffeaeb8 00000000 000003e8 3fff2620
3fff3600: 3fff1bfc 3fff4c44 3fff4bcc 0000004f
3fff3610: 0000004c 3fff3670 3fff3670 4020c5f0
3fff3620: 3fff3e34 00000007 3fff3670 4020c63f
3fff3630: 3fff2620 00000274 00000274 40209bb4
3fff3640: 00000001 00000001 3fff4774 4020dd7a
3fff3650: 00000000 3fffc6fc 3fff4774 40209baa
3fff3660: 3fff4774 3fff1c18 3fff4774 40209be6
3fff3670: 00000000 00000000 00000000 4020c7a0
3fff3680: 3fff4774 3fff1c18 3fff1bd8 40209c75
3fff3690: 3fff3e34 0000000f 00000007 40208bcc
3fff36a0: 3fff1c18 3fff1bd8 3fff1bd8 00000001
3fff36b0: 00000001 4020915c 0000000f 40208b56
3fff36c0: 00000000 00000000 3fff1bd8 3fff2700
3fff36d0: 00000001 3fff1bfc 3fff1bd8 40209edb
3fff36e0: 3ffeaeb8 00000000 000003e8 00000000
3fff36f0: 00000000 3fff4c44 feef5642 feefeffe
3fff3700: 3fffdad0 00000000 3fff26f8 402070c4
3fff3710: 3fffdad0 00000000 3fff26f8 4020cefc
3fff3720: feefeffe feefeffe 3fff2710 40100718

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(1,6)

ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:4, boot mode:(1,6)

wdt reset

Any ideas?


Generally writing some configuration registers for the camera does not cause the board to reset. Do you do anything else?