Smallest USB autofocus module

I have an ArduCam IMX219 module, and love it. The problem is that I need to put my camera into a threaded M12 hole, which is 10.1mm on the minor diameter, plus I might need a couple mm extra for the support structure. So 8mm wide would be ideal.

Long story short, I can’t use the above module because it’s mounting flex PCB is too wide. My maximum allowable width is basically the width of that extension cable’s connector. Is there a product which could work for me? Or would it be possible to trim the flex pcb? (I can’t quite tell if it’s the size it is for mechanical reasons, or layout reasons.)


Do you want the black line to be as wide as the yellow line?

Or can you draw a simplified diagram?

Good question! In a perfect world, I would like a module which is no wider than the connector, as shown by the blue lines.


I noticed that ArduCam’s IMX219 module is offset from the cable (which can be seen in the picture). That adds a bit to the overall bulk of the cable/module assembly.


For your current needs, we do not have existing camera support, which needs to be customized.
So you still need to contact [email protected]

Maybe for some reason they didn’t see the last email.

You can send it again, and if you still don’t get a reply, you can let me know.

Thanks for looking into this. Email sent.