Set framerate for 1mp stereo OV9281 board on NX

Hi, i have 1mp stereo OV9281 board, Jetson NX, JP4.4, ROS Melodic.
All works, but very slow 9 fps only when running rostopic hz /camerainfo, rosbag record or rviz:

roslaunch arducam_stereo_camera arducam_stereo_camera.launch
rosrun topic_tools throttle messages /arducam/left/image_raw 4.0 /left
rosrun topic_tools throttle messages /arducam/right/image_raw 4.0 /right

How to increase fps?

Best regards, Viktor.

Also it takes all cores with 100% usage for 2560x800 ~ 2mp MONO.
How to obtain >=30fps for bag record?

I tried

roslaunch arducam_stereo_camera arducam_stereo_camera.launch

only and set 40fps in launch file, but fps still too low.

May be Ros1 has bugs? Ros2 will faster?

It may have something to do with the rostopic application. We have tested the stereo OV9281 board many times on Nx with arducam_displayer. Have you tested it with the arducam_displayer?

Yes, tried displayer and there is 51fps and <20% cpu usage.

So where is the bottle neck?
I can’t record bags or publich topics more than 10fps?
Please help.

It seems bug.
From git it converts GREY to bgr then 10fps and 100% cpu usage

I removed conversion and got 40fps and 50% usage.

Please confirm it.

OK, got it. we will test it. In fact the color convert just use the openCV’s API.