Running two cam modules using one USB3.0 camera shield

I want capture photos independently using two Arducam 5 MP 1080p Sensor OV5647 Mini Cameras using only one (USB3.0 camera shield + MIPI camera adapter) with or without multicamer adapter on Linux platform using opencv.

  1. Whether we can run two cam modules using one usb3.0 camera shield with help of multicamera adapter?

  2. Will it work if I use two different USB3.0 camera shield for two individual cam modules connecting them two different USB ports?

  3. Is there are any efficient ways to achieve this configuration.

Thanks in advance

We can use USB3.0 Camera Shield to connect two MIPI cameras, but they are not independent of each other and require special camera modules. USB3.0 Camera Shield can run two identical camera modules at the same time and transfer their data Merge into one image output.

If you have two sets of USB3.0 Camera Shields, it should work, but you may want to take care to avoid using the same USB3.0 controller (or hub), which can cause bandwidth competition.

If you need something other than RAW Bayer, maybe you can choose to use two UVC cameras: