Running Six/Twelve camera on Jetson Xavier NX

Does Arducam support any baseboard for XAVIER NX module, which can use 6 or 12 Arducam Cameras? or The camera are only tested on the development board?


Please look at this:

There are currently no supported products. However, I’m trying to adapt a camera board with six cameras for the AGX Orin platform. xavier nx has no plans for this at the moment.

Is it possible that you can provide the source code of the Jetson camera drivers for IMX477, OV9281 and AR0234? Since I am running a custom board with a custom kernel?


Of course you can, these are open.
But for some reason, you need to email [email protected] for relevant documents.

I received the driver from sales, but there was no guidance on how to use them, I tried compiling the kernel with the given patch, but it only kept probing imx219, even when I enabled dual arducam using jetson-io.


What version of l4t are you using?

I was first trying out with jetson Nano with l4t-32.7.2.


There is a bug in Jetpack 4.6.2 system, you can refer to the following document to fix this bug.
Compile and replace cboot, and rewrite the system using SDKmanager.

I see; thank you very much.
I will try this with the new Xavier NX (l4t 35.1.0).


You can try.

We are also about to release driver support for 35.3.1, expected within 1-2 weeks.