Round cable instead of flat extension cable

I have an ArduCAM IMX219 with the autofocus lens. I use the sensor extension cable and am very happy with the performance. However, I am in a bit of a bind because the flat cable really does not like to rotate.

Is there a round cable sensor cable which already exists? if not, could I reasonably solder something like this together by cutting the sensor extension cable and splicing in a round segment?


You can use other solutions, such as a network cable or something like that.
For details you can contact [email protected] , they can recommend you.

We do not recommend changing the sensor extension

A network cable would work great in my application. Much more flexible.

I asked about this via the website a month ago, and I did not get a response. I’ll cross my fingers and hope thing work out this time.


There are many pre-sales emails every day.
If no one replies to you, I apologize on their behalf. Please send me your email account and I will alert my colleagues.