Resolution of HM01B0 output on the Pico4ML

Is it possible to change the resolution of the camera output on the Pico4ML? I have looked through the libraries, and it seems that the full resolution is being read, but then somehow 96x96 is only available from main.cpp. I have no clue where the cropping is happening. Any suggestions?


It requires the sensor manufacturer(HM01B0) FAE to provide support for it. We do not have right to get data sheet.

I have the datasheet right in front of me, the full resolution is 324*324. I believe some of that are blank pixels, so it’s more like 324x244. It is simply not true that the manufacturer needs to support this. There is something in the code cropping it to 96x96.

It’s remarkable to me that you guys have a forum, but don’t actually provide any meaningful support.