Regarding Usb Module 8mpx and 16mpx


The Arducam B0197 / B019701 USB Camera Module 8MP 1080P CMOS IMX179 is suitable for Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OS. I tried to replace the lens and lens holder of the camera, so I purchased Arducam LN001 1/2 inch M12 Mount 16mm Focal Length Camera Lens M2016ZH01 and Arducam U0756 / U0756M10 / U0756M13 / U0756M14 / U0756M16 M12x P0.5 Metal Lens Mount for Raspberry Pi with Gasket, but the lens and holder were not suitable for the 8MP USB camera. Compared to the M12 Mount’s size of 22mm, the inbuilt lens holder of the cam is 21mm long. I would appreciate it if you could provide the correct part number for that lens and holder. I am looking f

or a macro or zoom lens for an arducam 8mpx and 16mpx UVC camera cam. here I attached a reference image .kindly check that.


For this information, you can contact sales to inquire.
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i already mailed to that mail address, I didn’t get any reply till now


I sent you a private message.

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