Regarding improving the quality of image captured thorugh 12 MP IMX477 camera

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We got – HQ camera for our product. We have set below parameter to camera to capture image continuously every 30 sec.

camera mode : 3 ( 4064 x3040)

Brightness : 50
contrast : 100
saturation: 0
sharpness : 50

Gray scale image - mono chrome image
Shutter speed : 33 ms
Rotation : 0
Exposure mode : fixed Fps
Frame rate : 7
Analog and digital gain : 1.0,1.0
AwB = off
AWB red and blue gain : 0.9,0.9

We observe that , transition layers are very noisy and unequal ( from black to white. I have attached sample image captured through different camera, which has 3 or 2 layer without noise.

In order to get a good quality image as attached, what parameter need to be set. Kindly guide us.

Attached Rpi_image.jpg - HQ CAMERA CAPTURED image, LEFT_IRON3112020165918. jpg - reference camera image.

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Kindly view the attached image, with zooming. The transition layer from black to white is more layer in HQ camera, where as our reference camera we are getting only 3 layer.