Regarding choose arducam

hai, I am completely new to this platform
I tried to look for Arducam with the USB module in this platform, but I didn’t find that type of cam.
so, kindly share the name of Arducam which satisfies the following requirements,

  1. cam should be minimum 5mp
  2. cam focus type -Autofocus
  3. interface -USB
  4. It should support external lenses.


Sorry, the forum does not make any product recommendations.

This belongs to the job of sales, here is dedicated to solving technical problems.

If you have any needs to buy cameras, you can contact [email protected]

Of course, if they haven’t responded to you for a long time, you can tell me and I’ll check with them.
(Please note your email address, you can send it directly or send it to my forum email)

i sent mail at 4th march 15:20 , i got reply back at Mon, 6 Mar, 15:24 ,thanks for quick response


Gald to hear that.