Red and dark, IMX298 MIPI 16MP

My images are too dark and coloured red.
Can you please advise me on how to improve it?

I use:

With “camera.software_auto_white_balance(enable = True)”.

  • RPI 4B, 8MB.

Image from Arducam vs from webcam c920:

Same place and same lighting.

Thank you for your answer.

Regarding image effects, arducam has now released pivariety, which can improve the current image effects. Pivariety support 16 MP and 21 MP. Please refer to more here Pivariety: ISP Supported RPI Camera Modules, 21MP, Starvis, Global Shutter & More - Arducam

is it possible to buy the pivariety as an upgrade? I have two 2 sensors facing a similar whitebalance problem.

Yes, of course you can, please contact our [email protected] for details.